GBT Benelux developed and applies a multitude of highly effective coating systems and components for use in the shipping and dredging industry, such as in and on thruster tunnels, agitators, fresh water makers, ballast tanks and pipelines are just a few of the equipment that is treated. For absolute certainty and protection against the very high degree of corrosion, erosion and even the destructive power of cavitation

These coating systems are convincingly resistant to this specific environment . This high resistance combined with our high degree of experience and the possibility of a total overhaul makes them particularly suitable in the marine environment.

Some examples :

  • propellers, bow thruster tunnels
  • protect hulls with specific anti-fouling eg around anodes or other problem areas
  • freshwater makers, ballast tanks, storage tanks for chemicals
  • floor and bottom surfaces
  • dredging pumps, drinking water pumps, cooling water systems, tube coolers, plate coolers, oil coolers, crankcases
  • repair of rubber seals and dredging hoses, collars, rubber valves, valves, gate valves

Repair of Dredgers, Cruise Boats, Yachts, Jet Boats, Ice Breakers, Pilot Boats, Fire Boats, Container Ships and Gas Carriers, Submersibles, Drilling Platforms and Closely Connected Hydro-Electro Power Plants