GBT offers innovative and highly resistant corrosion protection systems for application areas in which conventional coating and coating systems reach their limits due to heavy chemical and thermal stress. Fluoroplastics, such as PTFE, PVDF, ECTFE, PFA, FEP or MFA – are processed and used either as a loose shirt or as a system with excellent adhesion (e.g. by bonding and welding).

In addition to corrosion protection, GBT also offers a selection of highly developed systems for wear protection, such as the extremely resistant BÜCOPROTECT UHMW-PE system, which is extremely suitable for landfill installations.


GBT PFA is a highly chemical resistant foil coating based on a fluoroplastic. The system consists of a base layer, a conductive test layer and a chemical barrier under the PFA foil coating.

The system is the ideal solution for the toughest corrosion protection of process equipment and installation parts made of steel and plastics, for example in flue gas ducts, heat exchangers and process vessels.


  • very good chemical resistance
  • temperature resistant up to 250° C in the gas phase
  • anti-adhesive properties
  • is attached to the steel base as a “loose shirt”.
  • vacuum resistant to -50 mbar
  • in 1.5 and 2.3mm thickness

Application areas:

  • flue gas ducts
  • heat exchangers
  • process vessels


GBT UHMW-PE is a tough elastic plastic coating based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, suitable for bulk materials (stone rubble, ores, coal, etc.). The highly wear- and impact-resistant system is fixed as loose plates with welded-on screw bolts made of stainless steel and special fastening elements.


  • excellent wear resistance and sliding properties
  • good chemical resistance
  • anti-adhesive properties
  • is attached to steel and concrete as a “loose sheet cladding”.
  • low moisture absorption
  • available in 8 to 30mm thickness

Application areas:

  • coal bunker
  • mining companies
  • treatment plants
  • plaster and cement factories
  • bulk carriers
  • mechanical engineering