Safe, trouble-free and reliable against corrosion when using highly aggressive chemicals. These essential requirements are regarded as optimum surface protection in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

GBT develops and applies a variety of highly effective coating systems and components for use in equipment, vessels, tanks and pipelines. For absolute process safety, economical installation use and compliance with all legal guidelines.

GBT® coating systems are convincingly resistant to aggressive substances. This high resistance makes them particularly suitable for various uses in the chemical industry. For example for:

  • storage and process tanks
  • process columns and baths
  • collection basins and basins (steel and concrete)
  • floor and bottom surfaces
  • pump sumps
  • development and construction of coated or rubberized pipelines and tanks in steel, GRP and thermoplastics.
  • heat exchangers, coolers, tube plates, pumps and valves, pipes, fans, mixers, thickeners, mixers