GBT double-walled coatings are mainly developed to meet environmental requirements (e.g. Vlarem) for sustainable leak detection, in tanks, collection trays and drip trays. By applying a 3-D spacer fabric, we obtain a double wall with an insulating effect, diffusion resistance and control options for operational safety. At the same time, these systems

General product properties

  • high resistance to aggressive media
  • thermally insulating
  • easy to test during and after application
  • leakage detection by means of over or under pressure
  • simple installation, even with poor accessibility
  • suitable for both new installations and existing ones
  • long service life due to the removal of diffused media
  • unrestrictedly suitable for repair
  • a 3D-E glass fabric serves as a spacer fabric

GBT BC Coating Leakage control with double wall

The double-walled laminate coating GBT BC was developed for the equipment of tanks, tank bottoms, tubs or drip trays so that they can be provided with continuous leak detection. To detect leaks, the interspace of the coating is kept at a defined pressure via a leak detection device. In case of leakage, the pressure loss can be immediately detected by an alarm.
GBT BC offers maximum safety with minimum structural requirements. Due to the laminar construction, the system can also be applied quickly and easily to complex geometric shapes without any problems. In addition, it is suitable for unlimited repair.

GBT BC is a technical development that provides an economical solution to meet the legal requirements for the manufacture, treatment and use of water-hazardous substances.


  • very good chemical resistance
  • very good mechanical properties
  • high diffusion resistance
  • discharge of diffusion products via the leakage detection area
  • very long service life
  • drain-capable version according to DIN 51 953 possible
  • leakage detection based on pressure and vacuum measurement

GBT BT Coating double wall to prevent “osmotic blistering”

The double-walled cladding system GBT BT is based on Novolac vinyl ester resin and is mainly used for the cladding of flue gas-carrying installations in power stations and waste incineration plants – for example electrofilters, scrubbers, ducts and chimneys.

GBT BC acts as internal insulation and reduces the temperature difference between inside and outside in non-insulated components. The three-dimensional E-glass fabric also serves as a spacer fabric.

The spacer fabric creates a hollow space in the applied cladding system so that the entire cladding system is no longer exposed to attack by water diffusion. The diffusing products are instead discharged through the interspace.


  • high heat distortion, temperature and diffusion resistance
  • very good chemical resistance
  • high resistance to aggressive media
  • possibility of discharge of diffusion products through the interspace
  • external insulation not necessary
  • possibility of permanent leakage detection from the outside
  • drain-capable version according to DIN 51 953 possible
  • inspection of the internal lining is always possible during operation