GBT laminate coatings and spatula coatings have been developed for coating complex surface geometries. They have very good mechanical properties, excellent diffusion resistance and enormous durability. This makes them particularly suitable for protection against frequent chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses. GBT laminate and spatula coatings are applied manually.

Reinforcement additives

  • textile glass mats (E and ECR glass mats)
  • textile glass fleeces (glass mats and ECR glass mats)
  • combined systems (mixed and honeycomb fabrics)
  • C glass flakes
  • corundum (Al2O3)

Product pallet

Laminate coatings

GBT 25 (ISO/NPG polyester resin with E-glass mats)

  • excellent and durable insulation properties
  • very high resistance to diffusion, therefore extremely durable
  • used by all relevant paint installation manufacturers and automotive groups worldwide
  • paint-compatible and paint-resistant, approved by all major paint manufacturers
  • short processing times also guarantee short interruptions in the case of repairs
  • also suitable in tank and equipment construction for low inorganic, concentrated acids and alkalis or concentrated organic acids and solvents
  • temperature resistant to solvents up to 60° C and 100° C dry
  • drain-capable version according to DIN 51953 possible
  • very good adhesion to hard PVC
  • heat distortion resistant up to approx. 100° C
  • also applicable on concrete

GBT 47-36 (Novolac vinyl ester resin with ECR glass mats)

  • particularly suitable for process equipment, such as storage and process tanks, thickeners and basins
  • very good chemical and diffusion resistance in combination with mechanical properties
  • relatively low requirements for the substrate
  • approved and used by all major European plant manufacturers
  • Certified system
    temperature resistant up to 180°C in the gas phase, in individual cases up to 200°C