The necessary use and the production of aggressive chemicals and solvents in the process of cathodic dip painting in automotive production requires special surface protection of the dip bath. GBT is regarded worldwide as one of the most experienced and adept specialists for converting and providing a new insulating coating for cathodic dip painting installations.

In order to detect and repair damage in good time, we regularly check the condition of the coatings in the dip coating tanks that we coat. As a result, the required remediation or optimization measures can be planned in time and efficiently carried out in-house by GBT.

All recognized automotive manufacturers and suppliers rely on coatings from GBT. The GBT® V25 and GBT®47-36A systems have become the worldwide standard for the electrical insulation of cathodic dip painting tanks.


  • remediation, coating and optimization of cathodic dip painting installations
  • remediation, coating and optimization of pre-treatment installations
  • converting and coating spray booths
  • conversion, refurbishment and cladding of air supply and exhaust systems