GBT has a very extensive program of self-produced materials, which are always applied by our own trained staff, and we also have a steel construction and plastic processing department!

We strive daily for autonomy and independence so that we can take full control of the project during your downtime.

The materials can be divided into 2 important groups of thermosets and thermoplastics. The materials manufactured in-house include cold-hardening plastic coatings, many of the ester family (polyester and vinyl esters), epoxy resins and other derivatives, as well as rubber coatings developed in-house.

We attach great importance to applying our own materials by our own skilled staff, so we can ensure that the right materials are applied in the right way. Over the years, our professionals have been trained to also process other materials in a professional manner, such as pp, pe, pvc, fluoroplastics, polyurea and, for example, plastic cladding.

We therefore have the most modern plastic workshops for building glass fiber reinforced parts and plastic constructions, so that we can act very quickly during your shutdowns to manufacture parts that are damaged.