GBT acquired this technique because dust-free blasting is indispensable in some situations.

The first project was carried out for a well-known car manufacturer who asked us to carry out repairs in the paint shop.

This became such a success that it has now become a standard in our service package in specific situations

The technique gives the same result as the conventional method and does so with considerably less dust formation. Furthermore, after use, the sponges can be recycled up to 8 to 10 times (depending on the nature of the work) with a unit that separates the sponges from small and large debris.

This saves costs and also reduces the ecological footprint. The sponge blasting method is also advantageous for the GBT blasters themselves, since the visibility during the work is increased enormously and the recoil of the blasting medium remains limited.

As personal protection, a paper coverall and a transfer mask are sufficient, which makes the work a lot more pleasant. Moreover, due to the lack of dust, other works in the area can be carried out simultaneously, which shortens the duration of the works and therefore also the down time of the component or installation.

The sponge blasting method can be used for various works because the abrasive can be selected according to the desired result To remove heavy corrosion and prepare the surface with a steel cleanliness of SA 2.5 before applying a coating, sponges with large aluminum oxide elements are best means to obtain a roughness of up to 75 µm extremely suitable for our coating systems.